CT Guided
Features & benefits

Tailored surgical tooling
 delivers precise, guided dental implant insertion. It includes drill guides for the surgical template and provides a guided implant mount that is compatible with the implant system.

Suitable for all indications

dental implants can be planned and placed for all indications – from single units to edentulous cases.

Prosthetic-driven implant planning
Planning begins from a prosthetic requirement perspective. This meets today’s needs for modern treatment practices and innovative materials.

Enables immediate loading and pre-fabricated prosthetic solutions
  Provide you with full range of loading approaches: immediate loading, early loading, or delayed loading.

Safe and predictable treatment
A clear understanding of the anatomical and prosthetic characteristics of the case is gained through thorough diagnostics, and as a result the surgical intervention can be well prepared and documented. The success of the future prosthetic reconstruction is ensured.

Increased quality and efficiency
 Provide cross-functional treatment teams with powerful tools to share planning information and to facilitate collaboration. It also offers a single source for system support and component ordering.

Increased patient confidence and comfort
In many cases, patients have questions regarding a surgical procedure. With our CT planning dentists can demonstrate pre-surgery considerations, so patients are better informed and more confident.


Oral Surgery and Implant Clinic

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