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Therefore you are taken care of always by the doctor you prefer, who submits you only at special treatments in the care of a specialist. However modern dentistry today expertly dealt with by specialists.

1. Preventive Dentistry
Preventive measures consist of recognizing and in preventing of illnesses. Diagnostics: Diagnostics for recognizing the risk of caries, record the oral-hygiene status, pre-evaluation of periodontics, analysis of jaw models, digital radiography, specific check-up of the function of the temporo-mandibular joint and implants. Tests of the concentration of dental materials. Therapy: Advice in oral hygiene and nourishment, professional oral hygiene, sealing of teeth, fluoridisation, treatment of oversensitive teeth. Ask for our prevention program.

2. Implantology   
Fixed teeth by implanting artificial tooth. All modern, sure techniques, even individual treatments in unfavorable prepositions and trouble shooting after implant problems. If necessary augmentation of the jaw with own, foreign or artificial bone.

3. Operative Dentistry
Operative dentistry in the visible dental zones with esthetic, white fillings, ceramic veneers, purely ceramic crowns or metal-based ceramic crowns. Simply plastic covering of visible teeth for esthetic reasons. In the premolar and molar area with gold, titanium and ceramic inlays.

4. Oral Surgery
Careful tooth extraction and operative removal of teeth, roots, cysts and foreign bodies, toothsaving surgery (apectomy, retro- and orthograd with micro-surgery), tooth-re- and transplantation, operative corrections of the soft tissues for dentures, prevention of tumors, operative correction of undesirable tooth- and jaw-positions, traumatology of teeth and face injuries. Operations in the operating room according to the rules for ambulatory operations, in local anesthesia, sedation and general anesthesia.

5. Crowns, Bridges, Dentures
Fixed bridges and removable dentures or a mixture from both as well as telescop-supported dentures to substitute missing teeth. All techniques and materials, if necessary after testing. High esthetic standard.
6. Orthodontics
This section deals with the right positioning of teeth and the jaws. The treatment is performed with removable and fixed aids (brackets). At mis-developments in the growth age we work together with specialists. In connection with perhaps additional operative corrections or at esthetic corrections in the adulthood treatment is accomplished by us.

7. Periodontics
Conservative and operative treatment of all diseases of the periodontal apparatus. Intensive preventive measures through special trained dental hygienists before and after the systematic perio-treatment.
8. Endodontics
Root fillings of all teeth.

9. Gnathology (Dysfunctions)
Treatment of functional diseases through physio-therapy, instruction for self-treatment, treatment with splints, adjustment of dentures, diagnostics with mechanical and/or optico-electronical methods, treatment of sleep disorders and snore.

10. Esthetic Dentistry
Esthetic restorations, according to indication and individual wishes. Operative measures in the area of the gum-area, with tooth positioning up to operative changes of the soft and hard tissues of the skull.

Further special treatments: Bleaching, tooth ornaments, splints for tooth-risky sports.

There is much more to say about all parts of dentistry. So this is only first information and the least things in medicine can be answered in a generalized way. The most important remains the conversation with your dentist, when your special problems can be discussed individually.

Some more details:
Digital Radiography with minimized doses
Prevention department
Computerized Dentistry
General Anesthesia/deep Sedation
Intra-oral camera


Oral Surgery and Implant Clinic

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