Dr. Qusai
dsc00629.jpg   Dr. Qusai Nawaf Al-khasawnah
  • General Manager of Jordan German dental implant center.
  • Trainer in multiple implant courses that were held in Jordan and out site.
  • From the first persons who introduce the hand on live surgery courses on real patient in Jordan.
  • Member of Deutsch Gesellschaft für Zahnärztiche Implantologie.
  • Member of international team for implantlogy (ITI).
  • Member of Romanian dental implant association (RDIA).
  • Member of Jordan implant association (JIA).
  • Worked many years in ministry of health at Jordan.
  • Speaker in many conferences about dental implant.
  • BIOMET 3I Platinum Preferred.
  • Have high skills in dealing with handicaps or patients with disabilities.
  • Believe in the fact that prevention is better than treatment.
  • Work to publish the oral health education between publics.


Oral Surgery and Implant Clinic

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