Pediatric Dentistry Clinic
*Pediatric Dentistry (Dentistry for children)

4.jpg Many oral conditions of children are not so different from those conditions of adults. However, continuing growth of the body, and eruption and eventual loss of primary (baby) teeth during childhood present some special challenges. Also, a major problem observed in some children is a tremendous fear of health practitioners, developed by previous bad experience or by unknowing family or friends. These psychological challenges usually require more special effort for the practitioner than do the clinical challenges.
Orthodontic Clinic
* Orthodontics (Straightening Teeth)

3.jpg Most people have known someone who has needed to have teeth straightened. There are many reasons why teeth don't develop into normal-appearing and functioning relationships. Among the most common is the well-known intermarrying of persons from different contouries, races, or genetic backgrounds. The result is often large teeth in a small head or the reverse, and the appearance and the function of the dentition is abnormal. It is doubtful that anyone has ever died because of crooked teeth, but the emotional distress caused by abnormal appearance of the smile does adversely affect personality. Also, the ability to eat can be negatively altered somewhat by teeth that do not occlude (bite) in a normal manner.
Oral Surgery and Implant Clinic
*Implant Dentistry

2.jpgDental practitioners have tried to develop artificial teeth to be placed in the jawbones since the origin of dentistry, but in recent years activity has increased in the area of implant dentistry. This titanium tooth substitutes work like a natural tooth.
Prosthodontic and Aesthetic Clinic
* Endodontic

1.jpg each tooth has a dental pulp, commonly called the" nerve" by patients. The anatomy of the pulp is well known to dentists. Individual teeth have divisions of the pulp called root canals. Each tooth has one to four root canals. When these small pieces of soft tissue die or become injured or infected, the resulting pain can be as debilitating as almost any other physical condition experienced by humans.

5.jpgThe body and all its parts are fragile. When a part of your body is damaged or destroyed, you cannot easily return it to the preaccident status. Prevention is always better than treatment, and preventing most oral disease is possible today.
Infection control
* Infection control in the dental office

6.jpgDentistry has taken on the infection control challenge. Most dental offices are very safe, and you do not have to worry about contracting a disease from another patient while visiting your dentist.
Geriatric Dentistry
* Geriatric Dentistry

7.jpg People are living longer than ever before in the history of mankind. This increased longevity has been related to excellent preventive and therapeutic medical care, public education about health, improved diet, exercise, and a reduction in smoking and alcohol consumption. Many people are living into their eighties and nineties with good health and with the ability to live their lives in a near normal manner. But 80 years of life takes its toll on your mouth.

Oral Surgery and Implant Clinic

3.jpg*Implant Dentistry
Dental practitioners have tried to develop artificial teeth to be placed in the jawbones since the origin of dentistry .. Read More..

What is a dental implant?

imp.jpgA dental implant is an artificial root placed in a 15-20 minute procedure. A tooth replaced with a dental implant is the closest.. Read More ..
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