4th IDID

In cooperation with Khoury dental store our 4th intensive implant day "We Are Your key For an Invidious smile" was held in the 4th & 5th of June /2008 with a high level of success as it was evaluated by participant.
18 dentists – general practitioners & specialists- participated in our event and each one of them did from 1 to 3 implants for real patients using Biomet 3i implants under supervision of Dr. Qusai Alkhasawneh & Dr. George Hage.

1st IDID

March, 25 2006
“Implant Innovation”

The First IDID* took place at JGDC on March, 25 2006. This session was held in corporation with Nobel Biocare and under supervision of Dr.Qusai alkhasawneh from jgdc Jordan Dr. Sami Bassid and Dr. Sami Jaad from the Lebanese Nobel Biocare implant team from Lebanese universities and Pharmacol Srl (Beirut). Over 20 dentists participated.
2nd IDID

28_03.jpgFebruary, 28 – March, 1 2007
Seeing Not Like Hearing”

This 2-day event was held in corporation with Bioimplant. The opening ceremony was under patronage of Dr. Hani Alkhasawneh. Both dentists and Public faces attended the sessions. Lectures were presented in the 1st day introducing the evolution in dentistry and implant dentistry. The practical part was performed in the second day. 22 implants were placed for6 patients, all implant surgeries was done by
Dr. Qusai Alkhasawneh

Oral Surgery and Implant Clinic

3.jpg*Implant Dentistry
Dental practitioners have tried to develop artificial teeth to be placed in the jawbones since the origin of dentistry .. Read More..

What is a dental implant?

imp.jpgA dental implant is an artificial root placed in a 15-20 minute procedure. A tooth replaced with a dental implant is the closest.. Read More ..
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